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Welcome to the web site of the Prince George's Business–Education Alliance (PGBEA). An independent, nonprofit organization located in Prince George's County, Maryland, the Alliance was created to ensure that the children of our county receive an excellent education, from kindergarten through college. We believe that the future prosperity of Prince George's and the well–being of its citizens depend on the quality of its schools, and that how we care for our children and the opportunities we offer them reflect our values as a community.

The Alliance provides a forum in which business and education leaders come together to identify and address issues of common concern. Through research, policy analysis, and advocacy, PGBEA seeks to inform elected officials, the media, and county residents about the role and importance of public education; promote cooperation between businesses and educators; improve the management and efficiency of our educational institutions; and enhance the local, regional, and national reputation of the county's public schools and colleges.

The Alliance has three major goals:

  • Secure the financial resources needed to provide a world-class education for all Prince George's County students.
  • Improve perceptions of the county's public schools and colleges.
  • Build confidence in the county's educational institutions on the part of elected and appointed officials and the general public.

This site provides information on the history of the Alliance and on its membership and activities. It also shows how you can contribute to our efforts. Please contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions.


Home About Us Our Members Issues Research In The News Join Us Contact Us

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